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I grew up in Nowa Sarzyna, a small town south east of Poland, with easy access to surrounding rivers, forest and nearby mountains. My passion for the outdoors took me all over Poland and later to Russia, Slovakia, Hungry, Germany and Austria. In 1989 I moved to Greece where I lived for a couple years before getting sponsored and moving to Canada. After a year in Ontario, I headed west to Lake Louise in 1992 and now currently residing in Kananaskis Village.

Although I carried a camera with me on most of my trips and experimented with black and white processing, it wasn’t until I met Tom Angelis in Lake Louise, a friend and a photographer, that my real passion for photography began to develop. He reintroduced me to a photography in a deeper and more fulfilling sense.

My focus in photography becomes more about the awareness of light and its intensity rather than relying solely on the subject. To me photography is a journey in perception, an exploration in seeing. I like to discover and explore a location, get a feel for the place and its potential. Sometimes a few seconds may decide between a capture of a special moment or a missed opportunity.

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Wieslaw Poltorak


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